Tuesday, 27 May 2014

South Africa Winter 2014

South Africa... A land full of history, wilderness, wonders, dangers and beauties. A last minute flight from my home in the mountains directly to the Southern Cape was how my 2014 year began. What my love for windsurfing has given me is more than I could ever have imagined. From the exciting adventures and travels to the people and the cultures, to the freedom and the soul dancing when we are riding our wave, windsurfing has brought me to places dreams only can. From Brasil, to Morocco, Egypt, Barbados, Ireland, Scotland, Hawaii, Canaries, Africa... the stories continue growing, some exciting, thrilling, some just sweet and lovely, others dangerous and sharpening. 

South Africa was actually a very easy and normal lovely trip, with no drama like in my other trips and just a wonderful time spent with wonderful people in a wonderful setting. Maybe one day I will get the urge to write about the more dangerous sides of my past stories but for now I am showing you a few pictures of this Winter trip January-March 2014.I always travel on my own, because I feel I get more out of a trip when I am free to follow my intuition, my nose and my heart. But what is always so special with the windsurfing world is that we often all meet up at the same place. South Africa is one of those places. Everyone is there for the winter wind and waves - and it makes me very happy to see the smiley faces that I see all over the world again.

                                                         Lost my gear with sharks I'd seen underneath me

                               He's found my water under the wheel! Can I have some water please Mister, I'm thirstyyy



                                                     Breakfast time after magical night

                                                            The Team Alice Arthur Jules and the frenchies
               Back flips

             No wind relax day with the gang

                                                                                 My danish housemates


The French way of life...yummy food @LaVie
Breakfast everyday at Carlucci's Table View                 
                               Alice and I breakfast view of table mountain
             Amanda and I swimming with penguins and seaweed in our hair...wild and free

                                             Solitude is a beautiful and kind teacher                                                                                      
                                                                                             Wine tasting
       Children of the world

                                                                         A bit too much wine after lunch...
                                                        The restaurant is inside there

                                                                     Nice lunch spot after sick windsurf session...
                                                                              The Cape.... Breathtaking beauty                            
                                                          Lots of dinners after windsurf sessions...Aladdin tent
                                                          African beat party going out with my kitesurf champ Hannah
                                                                                      Broken sails...ooops
Bedroom3 -Alice and my bed
Bedroom4ArrivalBedroom haha
                                          Work time with A team Alice and Arthur
Lost my gear was dead on the beach after swimming for half an hour
                                                           Going windsurfing YOU BET
                                               If you can't calm your mind... calm your eyes

London opera on way back from South Africa! Russian Prince Igor
                                                                          Opera night in London - City time!
London photoshoot
                                  And straight to the mountains home sweet home!
                     Walking behind the house with my Elena

          THE usual Afterski :-)
                                              Back in my bed with Elena sleep over after lots mountain party :-)
                                  On the way to Bikini snowboard party
                    Back home with my Cassie 
                                                             Ski End of Season Rock'nRoll time! Back Just in time
Back at home chilling with my family
While I was in Capetown and there was no wind or waves I had the great chance to get my zumba instructor qualification and also did an international wine course, so lots of exciting new worlds opening... Hope to share some special wine, zumba and windsurfing stories with you in future!

               Found my Chablis...where I'm born
   Groot Constantia... Where I did my wine course and exam
Mountain time after South Africa
Nature is Love and Love is You
Respect all which is around you